Something’s In the Garden

The wind howls before the dawn
Something’s in the garden
Look out, see what’s going on
Oh, the winds they blow
In a shroud of secrecy
Something’s in the garden
A suicide technology
Oh, it’s got to go

The corporate biotech machine
Something’s in the garden
Unveils the Terminator gene
Oh, the winds they blow
Inserting a genetic crime
Something’s in the garden
Sterile seed at harvest time
Oh, it’s got to go

The winds they blow across the fields of every nation
Our seed we been sowing for a hundred generations
Till it’s banned in every land we’ll fight the Terminator
Oh, no it’s got to go!

The desperate poor are locked in the sights…
Of its almighty appetites…
Wearing a boy scout disguise…
To hijack the global food supply…

The winds they blow…

Peasant farmers stand betrayed
Wisdom stolen, debt unpaid
Protect the right to save our seed
For justice and food sovereignty
The winds they blow…

Music & lyrics by Phil Vernon © 2006 SOCAN

Guitar and vocal - Phil Vernon
Harmonica - Murray Reiss
Bass and slide guitars - Donn Tarris

Special thanks to Donn Tarris, Tarris Innovations,
for his donation of time, studio and electronic stewardship.

971 Isabella Point Road
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1T7
Ph/Fax 250-653-9485