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Australia - Over the past few months, the Australian Government has played an aggressive role trying to undermine the defacto ban on Terminator under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. Now that the meeting is happening, it is time to send a clear signal to the head of the Australian delegation that Australians support a ban on Terminator Technology. Click here to take action and write to the head of the Australian delegation – Mr Tony Slatyer.

For more information on the Australian terminator campaign:
Geneethics Network:
Greenpeace Australia:

Canada - Click here to take action in Canada - the Canadian Government tried to overturn the de facto moratorium on Terminator seeds at the UN in February 2005. 78, 000 postcards to the Prime Minister have been sent since November! Write now.


Spain : Ecologistas en Accion
Click here to see photos from street actions and public awareness activities
The Minister of Environment for Spain has already made public committments to guard the precautionary approach in relation to Terminator

United Kingdom: Click here to email the UK Environment Minister, find a sample letter to your MP and campaign contacts. Colour pamplets for public education and action are available.